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August 1: Hammer was adopted!! YEAH!

June 5th:  Hammer is really becoming outgoing and friendly.  He is only a bit over a year old.  He has great potential as a skijor dog and would love a running companion.  We are going to try and get him out soon and it may be his first time in harness.

April 28th:  Hammer is a young boy.  I don’t know why he is at the shelter, but he is a fine looking dog.  He doesn’t have his dew claws so came from a mushing kennel.  He is shy until he gets to know you.




Update: Kobe has been adopted!

Kobe is a 3 year old husky.  What a sweet guy.  He has never been a sled dog.  He came from a pet home.  And that is probably where he would best be suited.  He is outside on house O.  Just go and meet Kobe and I bet you fall in love.




Update: Jago has been adopted!

Jago, on house M and his brother just LOVE people.  I have seen them both with children and they love them too.  They are strong boys who love to pull and go go go.  They definitely need a home where they will get a lot of exercise, but with their love of attention would make great pets.



Update: Kobuk has been adopted!

Kobuk and his brother Jago are nearly twins.  And both dogs are very experienced sled dogs.  He is 4 years old and LOVES to run and pull.  His ex owner says that he is a harness banger and always tight on the line.  We are excited to run these boys but it sure is going to be a wild hook up with 2 dogs screaming to go.  He is outside on house P.




July:  Vee has been adopted!  YEAH!

Vee is a sweet husky with blue eyes and a small build.  She came from a musher getting out of mushing.  She is said to be a fair leader, but needs a strong dog beside her.  She is on house I outside and we hope to get her out on a run soon.




July:  Kahiltna was adopted!  YEAH!

Such a super sweetie!!  Kahiltna is estimated to be around 3 years old.  She was a stray and is outside on house A.  All she wants is love.  Very friendly and affectionate.  She is on the smaller side and is looking for an active home.





Update: April 20.  Levi is back at the shelter.  I guess expectations for him being able to run off leash in the first few days of a new home, were too high and he is back at the shelter.  He is such a great dog.  Just needs that special home where he can possibly do agility and bond with his new owners.

Update: April 15:  Levi has been adopted!!  I’ve heard that the people seem great and understand his need for exercise and his love of high jumping.  Hope it works out for him.

Levi is a LONG legged pointer mix that has been at the shelter many times.  He really needs a home that understands this breed and can give him a LOT of exercise.  This boy loves to go go go.  He is adept at jumping high fences. Do you skijor?  Ride bikes?  Like to hike for long hours?  Want a companion that will love going out with you?  Check out Levi!  He is already neutered.




Update: May 5th.  The owner has decided to keep Kayla and work with her more.  

Kayla is a gorgeous husky/samoyed that needs a home where she will get a lot of exercise.  She can skijor and prefers to be working rather than running alongside her family!!  She truly is a husky at heart.  She is a very affectionate dog, that sometimes has a mind of her own, but for the most part can be run off leash.  She is an intense worker and definitely needs an outlet for her energy.  If you would like to meet Kayla please email and let me know and I can forward your information to the owner.  She is not at the Fairbanks shelter.

Shirley and Alice



Update: May 10th:  Shirley and Alice were adopted into the same family!  YEAH!  Go girls!


This is a courtesy listing.  Shirley and Alice (Alice is on a chain because she likes to try and jump fences…) are 2 year old sisters.  They are both spayed.  They were rescued from a neglect situation where they weighed around 25 pounds.  They are now gaining weight and getting healthy.  They LOVE each other.  They should both go to the same home.  Their mother was a husky and their father was a chocolate lab.  They are both shy, but are gaining trust.  With some love and attention, these 2 girls will make great pets.  If you are interested please email:  That is the best contact.  You can also call and leave a message at:370-3123.  Sweet sweet girls.




Update: May 16th.  Luke has been adopted.  It is a great home.  So happy.

April 28th.  A happy picture of Luke.  He is so sweet and loving.  Loves to give kisses.  Walks pretty nicely on a leash.

Update: April 22: Lots of new information about Luke.  He comes from great bloodlines.  But was part of too many breedings at a mushers house and he was given away along with some littermates and half litter mates to another place.  Luke had found a home and was a DRIVEN sled dog.  He does have some “bad” habits though and his owner had surgery and hard to deal with such an energetic dog.  So…Luke chews lines.  If you turn your back, the neck line is chewed and the neighbor dog’s neckline is chewed..then he starts on the main line.  This is a dog with a LOT of excited energy.  He loves to go so he shows his frustration at hook up by chewing.  But once on the go he is a total loper (doesn’t trot) and doesn’t slack off at all on 20 mile runs.  This dog needs a job.  He is sweet and gets along with other dogs.  He can’t be let loose (although he can be loose to go to the line and get hooked up) in a non running situation as he will take off exploring.  He needs an experienced home that doesn’t let their dogs sit on chains.  He needs to run and work.  I bet with his drive he would probably lead too!


This is a funny picture of Luke, but the best that I took.  He is actually licking his lips and not snarling!  Luke is a boy that was brought into the shelter because he had TOO much power for his musher friend.  That is a first I think….a dog brought to the shelter because he was too powerful.  He is a nice boy with a sweet disposition.  He doesn’t chew up his blanket and is quiet in his pen.

Luke is 5 years old and already neutered!  Come and visit with Luke and you will fall in love.

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