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5 kennel mates at the shelter.

Update April 9: Most of these boys have been adopted!  Only Bruno is still at the shelter.  He would love a quiet home.

5 dogs were released to the shelter when their owner could no longer care for them.  They are in the following posts.  Hotta, Yukon, Kobuk, Bruno and T-Bone.

Some are from the same litter.  They all need good nutrition and some will get vet care before being made available.  I think they are older than their given ages.  Some I would guess are over 10 years old.  But these boys are SUPER friendly.  I bet they would love a pet home.  But they will be learning a lot, as their whole life has been on a chain and they have never been run in harness.  This just breaks my heart for these dogs.  They certainly deserve more in their later years of life than to die on a chain without human love.  They have probably never interacted with other dogs before, although they could see their kennel mates at all times.  Where they came from there was a loose dog (who still hasn’t been caught) and there wasn’t any fighting with the loose dog.

I think these boys have great potential given the right home and willingness to work on things like going up steps, housebreaking (although I have found that huskies who have gone outside their whole lives quickly get that they don’t go to the bathroom in a house), slick floors, etc.

I do hope that some people can find it in their hearts to give one of these boys a great home for the rest of his life.


IMG_8231 IMG_8229

Update April: Adopted!

Kobuk is very friendly.  He is available for adoption.  They say he is 2 but I think he is much older.


IMG_8260 IMG_8264 IMG_8265

Yukon is a ham.  Sweet and energetic, this boy came in with his other 5 kennel mates.  They say he is 4 years old but I think he is older than that.  He is also on hold for possibly dental work.


IMG_8241 IMG_8245

Update April: Adopted!

This sweet boy is an 8 year old intact male.  He is on hold at the shelter right now because of his poor dental health. He will probably get a good cleaning and we will work on finding him a home.  He is one of the 5 that came from the same place.  Of all the 5, Hotta is the shyer of them, but he certainly isn’t fearful.  Just a tad bit timid.  He really wanted to interact with Domino on the house in front of him.



Update: Cinnamon has been adopted.

Cinnamon is a very nice looking, friendly husky pointer mix.  She is inside at the shelter due to her short coat.  I’m not sure why she was turned in.  She looks like a great all around dog.  I bet she would skijor too!  She is not spayed.



Update April: Adopted!

Bug is also quite shy but if you walk away he will come out of his house.  He is a nice looking boy and has run the 2014 Yukon Quest.  He is around 4 years old and already neutered.

This boy needs a gentle home where he will be run and given a lot of love.  Bug is outside on house I.

Pepper Pot


Update April: Adopted!

Update: Pepper Pot is now available.  She wants to run this season!

Pepper Pot is very very shy.  But she SHINES as a sled dog.  She has 1200 miles on her this season in lead.  She is not on the available list at the moment and I’m not sure why.  She won’t come out of her house right now since her shyness is overwhelming her need for affection.  She does like to be petted but her new home should be gentle and kind.  She is spayed and on house C.


IMG_8208 IMG_8213

Update: Romeo has been adopted again.  Hope his new home will give him the stimulus and exercise he needs.

Romeo has been passed around a bit.  He was originally at the shelter, was adopted, was given away on Craigslist and now back at the shelter.  WHY?  This smaller year old boy is SO fun.  He has a ton of energy and loves to play ball by himself, or throw around the rope toy to amuse himself.  I laughed a lot at his antics today.  He even taught JarJar, the black dog in the background of one of the pictures, how to play with the ball. He is a super sweety. But he does need a home where he gets sufficient exercise and play time.  This boy would make a wonderful companion for anyone as long as that person has a love of the outdoors and a joy of play.



Update: Looks like Sally has been adopted again.  Hope it works out for this sweet girl.

Update 1-22-2016: Sally was brought back to the shelter after 10 days in her new home.  I talked to the owner and it just wasn’t the right match.  Sally was supposed to be the 12 year old son’s dog and she is shy and the little boy really wanted a dog to romp and play with.  Sally probably would be that dog one day, but would possibly take months.  The mother loved Sally and Sally was really coming around with her.  But since Sally wasn’t warming up to the son, she is back at the shelter.  She will come around with patience and kindness.  She should probably go to a home with teenagers or no children at all for her to be totally comfortable.  Initially her adoptive home should be a haven of quietness and gentleness.  She walks well on a leash and is curious.  She was sleeping in the woman’s bedroom because she felt very comfortable with her.

I love Sally.  She has a ton of potential to be your best pal, but it will take some time and a quiet household.

Update 1-12-2016: Sally has been adopted!  

Sally is a pointer husky mix.  She is on the shy side but I bet she would come around very quickly to be your best pal and hiking friend.  She doesn’t present that well at the shelter but she is starting to get used to everything going on and is much better than when she first came in.  She is 3 years old and the ex owner says that she does skijor!

I went into her area and sat with her for awhile.  At first she ignored me.  Then I started to scratch under her arms and my oh my…she just loves that.  She started to ask me for more pets as seen from the next picture.  She is a darling girl that would love a warm home where she can live inside yet get the exercise that her breed and temperament desires.


Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott

Update 1-12-2016: Sam Elliott had been adopted!  I heard by a runner.  He will have a blast as their companion on the trails.

Sam Elliott is a stray.  He was found on Ballaine Road and never claimed.  This is so sad because this boy is ALL sweetness.  He is an older boy that would love to possibly go for a short mushing trip or maybe even skijor.  He knows “sit” which amazed me.  So someone once trained this dog to sit and here he is at the shelter.  Sam E. is outside at the shelter.

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