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Dick (please please rename me!)


Courtesy Post:

Dick is a very sweet 2 year old husky.  He is super friendly and inquisitive.  He loves being a sled dog, but in the excitement of mushing he has seizures.  They usually pass quickly, but he can’t be a working dog.  Dick would love to be a pet.  He is housebroken and loves people.  He could possibly be a skijor dog and often times seizures can go away as they get older, or they can get worse.  But there is treatment out there!!  I had a dog that had seizures every day until we got them under control.  He was only a year old at the time and lived to be over 10 years old before he died of cancer.  Once he was treated he only had 1 or 2 seizures a year.  I continued to skijor with him and he was one of my best lead dogs.  So, seizures aren’t a death sentence!  They just need to be managed.  His owners love him, but can’t take the chance of him having a seizure on the trail.  Let me know if you would like to meet Dick.





Update March 28: Navajo was adopted into a great home where he will be a pet and get to skijor.

Navaho is a young (1 year old) pointer mix with a calm demeanor.  I super liked this boy.  His owner said that he is extremely fast.  LOVES to sprint.  But just loses it after a couple of miles and hates when it gets warmer when he is running.  He probably needs some maturity and to learn how to better pace himself.  He likes kids and if given enough exercise would make a great pet.  He is long and lanky and underweight.  The owner said it was hard to keep weight on him, but with his short coat, if he was living outside all winter then he was probably burning all his calories to keep warm.  It will be fun to take him out for a run.

Update March 24:

We took out Navajo skijoring.  He did great as a single skijor dog.  A bit shy of passing people, but he should come around with consistent fun.  As you notice in the one picture he is missing part of his ear.  This is often seen on the pointer mixes when left outside at extreme temperatures.  Poor guy frostbit his ear off.  So hopefully he can go to a fun skijor/pet home where he can live where it is warm.  He loves to play ball.  We didn’t take him very far so didn’t see if he was affected by the warm day (in the 30′s).  He is a young pup that will mature and blossom.

Navajo1 Navajo2




Update: Neko got adopted!

Update: March 21st.

Here is what a volunteer at the shelter says about Neko:

“I have worked with Neko three times at the shelter, and I really hope someone pulls her.  If I only had more space, she’d be here in a heartbeat.  I’m very partial to her.

She is confident, affectionate, a natural leader, smart as a whip, friendly with dogs and people.  Athletic, toy motivated but not guardy (she does need work on learning where the toy ends and person begins).  She is a nightmare on the leash, although we have been working on it.  But it would NOT be hard to teach her to pull! =) She is quite eager to please.
She is back at the shelter, and I can’t imagine why, except that she isn’t a couch potato housepet.  I think she just needs someone who knows what to do with her — I think she’ll do anything.  Skijoring, of course, but I think she’d do obedience, tracking, agility, even Schutzhund…  Very clever gal.”

Neko is a SUPER sweet girl who has a lot of energy and would love to be your running buddy and skijor pal.  I don’t know if she has ever been in harness but we will take her out soon.  She is already spayed!

Update March 24

We took Neko out skijoring today.  I didn’t think she had been in harness before and she is quite wild to get the harness on!!  But she did great.  Just took of crazily.  Then got a little tired and wanted to roll in the snow.  She is a bit overweight so needs some conditioning.  She needs a special home where she can get a LOT of exercise and work with her unbounding energy.






Bubba is a Siberian/MacKenzie river husky.  His owner in Anchorage is looking for a good home for him.  Her husband died and she just can’t handle him.  He weighs 88 pounds and will be 3 years old at the end of May.  He is not neutered.  He loves people and gets along with other dogs.  He might be too much for younger children as he likes to jump up sometimes when greeting you.  He has been a pet.  email me if interested.  (this is a courtesy listing…the dog is not in Fairbanks)



Update February 17: Panda was adopted into a family home where she will get to run and live in the house!  Happy days for the girl.

Panda and Ratatouile are chained next to each other outside and they really like each other.  Possible sisters, they are personable and super friendly.  I love these girls.  We will run or skijor with them soon.  They are around 3 years old and have no dew claws.




Update: Ratatouile was adopted.

Ratatouile and Panda came in at the same time.  They are super sweet girls and they love people and attention.  I loved these girls right off the bat.  Very personable and attentive.  They are hound crosses and we can’t wait to run or skijor with them.  We will do that sometime next week and report back.



Update February 7th: Gunther was adopted!!

Gunther is a very sweet boy.  He so wants his own family.  He has told several people that he really doesn’t want to be a sled dog.  He wants to be an active pet.  He did have a home which he loved.  He learned to be totally housebroken, but alas, when his owner left on vacation Gunther had some separation anxiety and chewed up some stuff.  So after 2 months of living the good life he came back to the shelter.  He just needs an active home where he knows it will be permanent.  Maybe with some kids.  Long walks or fast runs would be a big pleasure for him.  He is already neutered.  Gunther is outside back on a chain.  He isn’t too happy with that.  He loves being inside.


Sparky (the cream colored one!)



Update Jan. 29th: After showing off her excellent one dog skijor skills at Creamers yesterday with her potential adopter, Sparky was adopted.  A great home.

January 7th 2014: Sparky is a pointer mix that LOVES to run. We ran her in a 5 dog team today. She was turned into the shelter from a 2nd owner who had her only a few days.  They said she wouldn’t run lead and they wanted a leader.  I’m not sure why they just didn’t return her to the original owner…We didn’t get the chance to run her in lead but she is a gonzo driven dog and I bet with a bit of patience she would make a great leader.

The shelter was told she was 3 years old, but she is closer to mid-age.  Maybe around 7.  She is super friendly and loves to run.  She self loaded into the truck and definitely knows what she is doing.  We probably weren’t going fast enough for her.  She pulled hard and fast.  She would love to be your skijor/pet.  She is housebroken and gets along with other dogs.


Luna LunaConehead


Update January 10: Luna has been adopted.

Luna is a beautiful husky that was brought to the shelter after she had been hit by a car.  The shelter rallied around her and sent her to a vet where her leg had to be amputated.  This hasn’t stopped this gorgeous girl one bit.  She has the husky instinct to run run run and even though she is missing a back leg I bet she would be fast and fun.  She is already housebroken, walks well on a leash, loves to play with other dogs and loves living inside.  If you think you can give this young girl a forever home please contact the borough shelter on Peger Road.  Or call their number at 459-1451.



Update January 1st. 2014:  Yukon got adopted to a great home.  He will be friends with Sparky and get lots of love and attention.

Yukon has been at the shelter for quite awhile.  Everyone loves him.  He is a big hugger of joy and happiness.  He definitely needs something to do to have his husky life fulfilled.  He would make a great pet and skijor dog.  We are going to run him this week and will post how he does.  He loves other dogs and would be that companion to run and hike with.Yukon

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