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Update: Eric has been adopted.

Update May 8th: Eric, now JACK is back at the shelter.  This poor boy has been passed around enough!!  He really wants a great home where he gets some good exercise and can lay at his owners feet.  Jack is just an all around sweet boy.  He gets along with children and other dogs.  He is housebroken and loves pets.  He is gentle and loving.  He is a husky though and needs an active home where he can get exercise on a regular basis.  He does know how to climb fences so before he is bonded with you he should be watched closely if outside in a fenced yard.  This 3 year old boy would love a permanent home.

Update December: Eric (now Jack) was adopted for over a month but his energy proved too much for his new owners.  He is now neutered and totally housebroken but would love to have a fun job (skijoring?) along with being a great companion.  He is also inside at the shelter right now instead of outside.

Update 10/17/2013: Eric has been adopted!

Eric is  on house M.  He is a super sweet boy with a calm demeanor.  I love this boy.  Friendly and social he would make a great pet too!Eric




This is a courtesy post.  Katla (once known as SnowWhite) was adopted from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter last year.  She is the sister to Charming who is now back at the shelter.  Katla is a wonderful, sweet dog.  She loves long walks, hiking in the snow and being with her people.  She is unusual as a husky as she never runs off and free runs with her family (although this took awhile and she would often play keep away…so you shouldn’t expect her to do this until you gain her absolute trust).  Her owners hate the thought of finding a new home for her BUT….Katla is terrified of children.  They have a son and Katla has never interacted with him.  Quite the opposite.  Whenever she even sees him she runs upstairs and hides in the bedroom.  Her family has decided that this is just not a good life for such a sweet dog.  So they are looking for a home without any children.  If you love huskies and you want a dog that can free run with you and rarely leave your side (after you gain her trust) then feel free to contact the owners.  They are going to be very selective as to where she goes.  you can call them at 479-9702.



Andrew is just a baby.  He probably isn’t a year old.  He still has those baby paws and that baby look about him.  He is a bit shy so will need a gentle hand.  He is adept at slipping his collar but when he does he just runs around the yard and plays with all the other dogs.  He can be hard to catch for he just hasn’t had the opportunity to trust anyone.  Since he is so young I’m sure that he could become a devoted pet and active companion for the right person.  He is outside at the borough shelter.




Update April 21: Marlo got adopted.  She is a super sweet girl and I hope she has a wonderful new home.

Marlo is a new girl at the shelter.  I don’t have information about her yet and I just briefly met her.  But she struck me as being super sweet and gentle.  She looks like a sprint dog with long legs and a lean body.  Hopefully we will be able to run her soon.



Marlo is super sweet.  I just love this girl.  She was dropped off in the After Hour cages with NO paperwork.  Oh how I wish people would leave at least a little information about a dog they are dropping off.  Age?  Why is she here?  Marlo is laid back with a personality that just wants to be with people.


Ben Ben2Ben

Ben is a great dog.  Very affectionate and outgoing.  He is inquisitive and active and would love a home with an active family.  Do you run in the summer and ski in the winter?  Ben wants to come home with you!!

He is a young boy.  Only around 2 years old.  We will get Ben out on a run soon.


Sinclair Sinclair


Sinclair is a very shy boy, but he is coming around.  I really like this boy.  His long lean body and pointy nose reminds me of a greyhound mix but he looks a bit like a shepherd.  Probably just the usual mix of Alaska husky!

He loves being petted all over, if you are gentle and quiet with him.  I bet with individual attention he would just blossom.  Sweet boy.

Jake and Simon



Jake and Simon are the nicest boys.  They run for hours in the big pen together and there is never a harsh growl between them.  They are both pointer mixes and come from mushing backgrounds.  They would both make great pets if given enough exercise.  You can read more about each dog by scrolling down to their individual pictures.



Simon is a pointer mix from great bloodlines. We thought for sure his original owner was going to come to Fairbanks to get Simon, but alas I guess he doesn’t care enough to do that.

So, Simon is available for adoption.  He is a super friendly boy with lots of energy.  He would love to be a skijor dog or belong to a family that loves the outdoors.  He would bond quickly with a family and would be a solid friend to take along on backpacking or hiking trips.

Simon was at Mush for Kids on April 5th.  He gets along with other dogs and loves kids.  The kids were all over him petting and giving him lots of attention.  He just loved it all.

Simon would love to be indoors in the winter as his short coat is not suited for 30 below.  But like any other Alaska dog, he adapts well and loves the winter.


Dick (please please rename me!)


Courtesy Post:

Dick is a very sweet 2 year old husky.  He is super friendly and inquisitive.  He loves being a sled dog, but in the excitement of mushing he has seizures.  They usually pass quickly, but he can’t be a working dog.  Dick would love to be a pet.  He is housebroken and loves people.  He could possibly be a skijor dog and often times seizures can go away as they get older, or they can get worse.  But there is treatment out there!!  I had a dog that had seizures every day until we got them under control.  He was only a year old at the time and lived to be over 10 years old before he died of cancer.  Once he was treated he only had 1 or 2 seizures a year.  I continued to skijor with him and he was one of my best lead dogs.  So, seizures aren’t a death sentence!  They just need to be managed.  His owners love him, but can’t take the chance of him having a seizure on the trail.  Let me know if you would like to meet Dick.





Update March 28: Navajo was adopted into a great home where he will be a pet and get to skijor.

Navaho is a young (1 year old) pointer mix with a calm demeanor.  I super liked this boy.  His owner said that he is extremely fast.  LOVES to sprint.  But just loses it after a couple of miles and hates when it gets warmer when he is running.  He probably needs some maturity and to learn how to better pace himself.  He likes kids and if given enough exercise would make a great pet.  He is long and lanky and underweight.  The owner said it was hard to keep weight on him, but with his short coat, if he was living outside all winter then he was probably burning all his calories to keep warm.  It will be fun to take him out for a run.

Update March 24:

We took out Navajo skijoring.  He did great as a single skijor dog.  A bit shy of passing people, but he should come around with consistent fun.  As you notice in the one picture he is missing part of his ear.  This is often seen on the pointer mixes when left outside at extreme temperatures.  Poor guy frostbit his ear off.  So hopefully he can go to a fun skijor/pet home where he can live where it is warm.  He loves to play ball.  We didn’t take him very far so didn’t see if he was affected by the warm day (in the 30′s).  He is a young pup that will mature and blossom.

Navajo1 Navajo2

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