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Update October:  Cali was adopted into an active home!  YEAH!

Cali is the twin of Truffle (House A).  Although Truffle came into another mushers dog yard and was brought to the shelter, seems that Cali was dropped off by a musher because she is too small for the team.  But I would bet that these are siblings.  Both are young and nearly identical in looks.  And kind of strange that they came in just a few days apart.  I love this girl.  She can be a bit afraid at first, but when you sit quietly beside her she wants to sit on your lap and nuzzle your ears.  She laid her head on my neck and was happy just being petted.  Both Truffle and Cali are active on their chain.  I bet the two of them would make a great skijor team.  Quick and fast.


img_8457 img_8459

Update October:  Copper was adopted!

Copper is a young girl brought to the shelter because she is said to have a weird gate.  She IS a very long dog.  But gosh….this girl is mellow!!  Very very sweet.  As far as a husky as a pet, I bet she would love to lay at your feet and take long walks with you.  She is not high strung and is friendly and loves attention.  She is on house F.



Nico came in with JJ as a stray and is available for adoption.  I think he is not liking the gravel in his area.  He really didn’t want to stand up much.  He is only around a year old.  He also has a very rough coat.  Both JJ and Nico are just babies.  They have their whole life ahead of them and I bet would make a great skijoring team.  Check them out!



This pup was in the after hours cages with no paperwork.  She is a fairly friendly girl with a very rough coat which has some pine pitch in it.  She is very young.  The shelter is guessing around a year old.  So this little girl has a ton of potential!!

Ada (courtesy post)


Ada is a beautiful friendly pointer/border collie mix!  She came from the borough shelter at 4 months of age.  She is now a little over a year. But Ada needs more exercise and a job!!  I bet she would be a great skijor dog.

She loves the dog park because she just loves to play with other dogs.  She loves to play with a ball.  She has been to puppy classes and is well mannered but really active.

If you like to see her please contact





You want a friendly older dog that will love you forever?  Run with you through the woods?  Able to run off leash?  This friendly girl is outside on House B.  She is 9 years old but acts a lot younger.  Nice pup.  Found out that Cambell was a lead dog in a sprint team.  Now too old to go that fast so dumped at the shelter.  Sadness.  She deserves better.

Rescue pup from Kotzebue


Courtesy posting!

This young pup was rescued from a team in Kotzebue where he wasn’t making the distance.  He is great for 30 or so miles. A woman in Kotz. took him for he was too nice of a dog to be gotten rid of.  She has arranged for him to get to Anchorage.  So if you are interested in this young nice boy you can contact Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) in Anchorage.



Update May:  Sprite has been adopted.  He is in a wonderful home and loves it.  Lucky boy.

Sprite is a pointer mix that comes from a fast sprint kennel.  As he is 8 years old he couldn’t keep up with the younger dogs so he ended up at the shelter.

If you want a dog that still has a lot of life and love of running left in him, but don’t want a puppy that you will have for 15 years…..take a look at Sprite!!  He would love to be your skijor pal and hiking companion for many more years before total retirement.  He is a super sweet and nice boy.  Great personality.  He wants to be inside with his short pointer coat but his love of running will keep him warm while he is outside doing winter fun activities with you!

5 kennel mates at the shelter.

Update April 9: Most of these boys have been adopted!  Only Bruno is still at the shelter.  He would love a quiet home.

5 dogs were released to the shelter when their owner could no longer care for them.  They are in the following posts.  Hotta, Yukon, Kobuk, Bruno and T-Bone.

Some are from the same litter.  They all need good nutrition and some will get vet care before being made available.  I think they are older than their given ages.  Some I would guess are over 10 years old.  But these boys are SUPER friendly.  I bet they would love a pet home.  But they will be learning a lot, as their whole life has been on a chain and they have never been run in harness.  This just breaks my heart for these dogs.  They certainly deserve more in their later years of life than to die on a chain without human love.  They have probably never interacted with other dogs before, although they could see their kennel mates at all times.  Where they came from there was a loose dog (who still hasn’t been caught) and there wasn’t any fighting with the loose dog.

I think these boys have great potential given the right home and willingness to work on things like going up steps, housebreaking (although I have found that huskies who have gone outside their whole lives quickly get that they don’t go to the bathroom in a house), slick floors, etc.

I do hope that some people can find it in their hearts to give one of these boys a great home for the rest of his life.


IMG_8267 IMG_8273

Update April: Adopted!!

Said to be 6 years old (don’t think so!) T-Bone is super friendly with a calm demeanor.

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