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Update Dec. 23: A very Merry Christmas to Marmot and Pebbles who went to the same wonderful home!

Marmot is a 6 year old sled dog that is yearning for warmth and affection.  He is a goofy boy that likes attention although he can be a tad bit wary.  He has been at the shelter now for 2 months so would desperately love to get out of there into a new warm home.



Update Dec. 23: Maverick got a home for the holidays.  A lucky boy and lucky owners to take such a sweet guy.

Maverick is a sled dog that has a short coat and could use some good nutrition and care.  He is inside at the shelter and enjoys being where it is warm.  Maverick is 7 years old but that is just middle age for a sled dog!  He is a sweet boy that would love a good home.



Update Dec. 23:  A wonderful holiday gift for both Pebbles and Marmot who went to the same wonderful home.

Pebbles is a sled dog that was turned in because she kept looking back at her owner when running in a big team.  She is a spinner on the chain, always in constant motion as you can see from the blurry picture.  Pebbles is 4 years old.  She is a driven girl that is hard on the line but seemed to be uncomfortable in her former home where there seemed to be a lot of chaos with tourist type activities.  She might do well in a quieter home with consistent running.  She is very shy at the shelter and needs a patient home.

Courtesy Post 3 dogs


These 3 dogs are looking for great homes.  Their owner is heartbroken that she has to give them up, but life circumstances have come along that she cannot keep the dogs.

Faoian is the Siberian.  Black and white with blue eyes.  He is 6 years old and was always a pet.  She got him when a military family moved to Texas.  He is a sweetheart.  Loves being in the house and that is where he usually lives.  He definitely needs a fenced yard as he will run for hours if loose.  She has had him in a team and he does pull, but would rather be a pet.  He does dig if he gets bored, so an active family is needed. He gets along with kids and other dogs.

Nalla is a black and tan Alaska husky.  She is 8 years old.  She absolutely LOVES being in a house but is not totally housebroken.  She will work in a team but doesn’t like to go over 15 miles.  She will skijor if another dog is beside her although she does somewhat know her commands.  She loves kids and other dogs.

Pylin is a houndy boy.  Black with white on his chest and white toes.  He is a love.  He is also 8 years old.  This dog LOVES to skijor.  He will go singly by himself and never quit.  The owner trusts this dog with her 12 year old son skijoring.  Both Nalla and Pylin have been loose in the owners yard and don’t run off.  Nalla usually just goes to the door to be let him.

All the dogs are fixed.  If you are interested let me know and I can put you in contact with the owner.




IMG_7774 CrocCroc_edited-1

UPDATE: December.  Croc has been adopted!  YEAH

November 21, 2015:  Croc has been moved inside at the shelter.   Why this little girl is having a hard time finding a home, I will never know.  She doesn’t present well as she is on the shy side when first meeting you.  But once she gets to know you she is all hugs and devotion.  She doesn’t chew her blankets in the shelter but would love her own home.  She would love to be your skijor or hiking pal.  She just needs someone that will have patience with her until she bonds, then off you can go on many adventures!

November, 2015:  Croc has been at the shelter for a LONG time.  She has come a long way.  Croc can lead and I bet she would skijor with the right person.  She can be on the shy side but has come out of her shell somewhat.  I have an adorable picture of her taken by a friend with her carrying her bowl around but I’m having a hard time loading it on the page!  Hopefully I’ll get that figured out because it truly shows her great personality.  Finally got it loaded!  What a cutie girl.  I visited with her today.  She is inside at the shelter.  She is VERY short coated and needs an indoor home. Although timid, she would blossom under love and care.  And would probably love to skijor.


Croc is a female pointer mix that was brought into the shelter when her owner got out of mushing.  She is said to be a leader.  She would need a home where she can live inside because she has that very short pointer coat.  We can’t wait to get her out for a run.  Check her out on house H.

Update Sept. 10.  Croc has been at the shelter for a very long time (since May!).  She is very shy and would really love to be a skijoring dog this winter with the added bonus of living in a house.  She has a very short coat and probably gets very cold in the wintertime if left outside chained up.  She will need a lot of patience, but such a gentle girl with a great personality, hidden, just waiting for the right person.



Update: November.  Lucy got adopted!!

Lucy is a sweet girl that is just coming out of her shell.  She probably has never been in harness, but I bet she would love to go.  Want a skijor dog for the winter?  Lucy might be the one!  She is inside at the animal shelter.



Update November:  Chaya and Kanuti have been adopted into the same home!  Happy day for these dogs!

Update: July 2: Chaya continues to blossom.  She now has new fencing and is enjoying more freedom in her every day life.  She would love to find a family with older children to love, skijor with and be a house companion.

Update: May 10th.  Chaya is doing GREAT in her new home.  She has really come around and loves people and playing.  She really enjoys being in the house and would make a great pet/skijor dog or dog for a young musher who would like to run on a sled in the winter but have a home where Chaya can be part of the family.

Update: April 25th.  Her new name is now Chaya.  Her kennel mate Clyde is now Kanuti.  

Chaya is a ham.  She loves being in the house at her foster person’s abode.  She does “surf” counters though but she loves to explore.  Just today, the foster person put her 3 dogs AND Chaya and Kanuti together in a huge fenced in yard at her house.  WOW…..she was so excited to see them play.  She had taken walks with all of them so they got used to being in close proximity but she had no idea that they would get along as well as they do.  One of her females and Chaya even curl up in a dog house together.  They are coming out of the shells very very quickly.  They pull hard on a leash and the foster thinks they have been in harness.  These pups would make a great skijor pair, or possibly by themselves.  They love to be out front on their walks.  We are looking for a home where they can do some “work” but be part of a household.  These dogs are great off of chains and are even learning to stick close while out on walks.

Update:  ChinChin has been pulled into The Second Chance League.  She will be in foster care.  If you are interested please email me through this site or through SCL.

ChinChin is 2 years old and came in with Clyde. She was emaciated and probably close to deaths door this winter when animal control rescued her along with Clyde.  She is now healthy and ready for a new home.  She is a Siberian mix and a bit aloof, but wags her tail when she sees someone she knows.  She will come around with gentle attention and good exercise.  Such a pretty pair they are, but need an experienced husky owner to bring them out of their shells.  Check out ChinChin and Clyde!!



Update November: Kanuti and Chaya have been adopted into the same home.  I am so happy for them.

A new picture of Kanuti.  Sweet as can be and just wants that forever home that will be loving and kind to him.





Update: July 2nd.  Kanuti has new fencing at his foster home.  More freedom and he is loving it.  He would love a big fenced yard to play in and continue his life.  He is still reserved but would love a family that understands his ways.  He is not a dog that is always coming up to you demanding attention, but loves the quiet, peaceful life.  Although he is fairly mellow, he thrives on exercise and would love to be your skijor pal.

Update: May 10th.  Kanuti is blossoming.  Maybe not quite as fast as Chaya.  He IS a bit older. But he is loving his foster home and going on long walks.  He is a bit more shy than Chaya and will take a patient and loving family to keep him on the right path to joy in life.  He loves to pull!

Update: April 25th.  Clyde has a new name and it is Kanuti.  He LOVES squeaky toys but is not possessive of them.  You can read more of his update under ChinChin/Chaya’s post.  But this boy is blossoming under his foster person’s care.  He loves the other dogs in the household and with all 5 dogs loose together there are no altercations.  Kanuti would love a home where he can skijor or mush in a small team, yet live off a chain and have a lot of house time.  Both dogs will make great pets, given enough exercise.  They are pretty mellow in the house.

Update: April 14th.  Clyde and ChinChin have been pulled into The Second Chance League.  Please email if you are interested in either of these dogs.

Clyde and his kennel mate ChinChin were taken from a neglect situation.  Full of hookworms and totally emaciated, both of these dogs have come a long way with great vet care and good food.  Clyde is 5 years old.  He can be a little aloof, but once he gets to know you he loves pets and attention.  He is a siberian mix and will need a good dose of exercise during the day, but he is pretty laid back and would love to curl up at your feet at night.




August 1: Hammer was adopted!! YEAH!

June 5th:  Hammer is really becoming outgoing and friendly.  He is only a bit over a year old.  He has great potential as a skijor dog and would love a running companion.  We are going to try and get him out soon and it may be his first time in harness.

April 28th:  Hammer is a young boy.  I don’t know why he is at the shelter, but he is a fine looking dog.  He doesn’t have his dew claws so came from a mushing kennel.  He is shy until he gets to know you.




Update: Kobe has been adopted!

Kobe is a 3 year old husky.  What a sweet guy.  He has never been a sled dog.  He came from a pet home.  And that is probably where he would best be suited.  He is outside on house O.  Just go and meet Kobe and I bet you fall in love.

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