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Porter is an 8 year old intact male pointer mix.  He is still crazy active and would love a skijor home where he can live inside but have an activity to run off his energy.  He is super friendly and at the shelter is quite loud, but he just needs a lot of exercise and love to be your best buddy.  He is inside at the shelter.




Update: Oct. 5th.  Ella has been adopted into a skijoring home!

I will get a better picture of Ella soon.  She is a 7 year old husky pointer mix and comes from a high end sprint racing kennel.  The original owner states that she was one of her main dogs in a 10 dog team, winning lots of races.  The original owner sold her and she ran in the Fur Rondy in Anchorage.  Why she is at the shelter is anyone’s guess.  She is dominant with other female dogs (but she is also probably not spayed so this might help a lot) although she plays well with the female Abiq at the shelter.  She is a driven dog that is all business in a team.  She would make a wonderful pet and probably a great skijor dog.  She would love to live in the house and be your fun and active companion.

I’m not sure why the original owner doesn’t want her back but sends high praises for her.




Update: Abiq has been adopted.

Abiq is a 2 year old, daughter to Rachel.  We don’t know if she has ever run before.  She is very shy but has those soft, soft eyes that really want attention and love.  If you are a patient person with lots of gentle affection to give to this girl, I bet she would blossom and become a super nice pet/skijor dogs.  Being only 2 years old she has her whole life ahead of her and so deserves a quiet home that will work with her shyness.  She is inside at the shelter.

Dogs looking for homes-courtesy post

Here is a list of dogs looking for homes from a kennel that is moving to the lower 48.  Email me and I can put you in contact with them.


Houdini – 2yr, black female 40+, not spayed, no harness training, husky malamute/brown lab
Deanna – 2yr, brown female 40+, not spayed, no harness training, sister to Houdini
Luna – 4 yr, white female 50+, not spayed, runs team, shy but works hard, grandfather was a 3x YQ finisher
Jamarcus – 4 yr, gray male 70+, shy but very strong wheel dog brother to Luna
Sunshine – 5 yr, white female 40+, spayed, runs team hard worker, very friendly
Lucy – 7 yr, blonde female 30+, not spayed, high energy, happy anywhere
Burgess – 7 yr male 50+, not neutered, great all round will run up front but not single lead
Clementine – 8 yr black female, not spayed, short hair, has been in harness but tires quickly, might be ok for ski jor very friendly lab/husky cross
Lisa – 10 yr, gray female 50+, great wheel dog, still strong runner, all business, father 3x YQ finisher, mother malamute/Inuit cross
Anna – 10 yr, brown female 50+, runs team or wheel, still strong runner, sister to Lisa
Pharoah – 15 yr, back male 50+, runs anywhere, ran hist last run this past winter, very friendly, has cataracts, needs retirement home





Update Sept 8th:  Lana has been adopted.


If I wanted to get another dog I would have taken Lana today!!  Oh my….she is a pointer with a docked tail and has been through a couple of homes already.  Only 8 months old she needs a job!!!!!  I just love Lana.  Very personable and affectionate she needs a home that understands the high energy of the pointer.  I really love this dog and hope that a skijor home can be found for her.




Update: Sept. 8th:.  Athena has been adopted.

Athena was a bit hard to get a picture of.  She is a young husky and super sweet girl.  She has been outside on a chain a lot of her life and her running history is not known.  With her energy and personality I bet she would make a great sled or skijor dog and pet.  She is inside at the shelter.



Update: Eric has been adopted.

Update May 8th: Eric, now JACK is back at the shelter.  This poor boy has been passed around enough!!  He really wants a great home where he gets some good exercise and can lay at his owners feet.  Jack is just an all around sweet boy.  He gets along with children and other dogs.  He is housebroken and loves pets.  He is gentle and loving.  He is a husky though and needs an active home where he can get exercise on a regular basis.  He does know how to climb fences so before he is bonded with you he should be watched closely if outside in a fenced yard.  This 3 year old boy would love a permanent home.

Update December: Eric (now Jack) was adopted for over a month but his energy proved too much for his new owners.  He is now neutered and totally housebroken but would love to have a fun job (skijoring?) along with being a great companion.  He is also inside at the shelter right now instead of outside.

Update 10/17/2013: Eric has been adopted!

Eric is  on house M.  He is a super sweet boy with a calm demeanor.  I love this boy.  Friendly and social he would make a great pet too!Eric




This is a courtesy post.  Katla (once known as SnowWhite) was adopted from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter last year.  She is the sister to Charming who is now back at the shelter.  Katla is a wonderful, sweet dog.  She loves long walks, hiking in the snow and being with her people.  She is unusual as a husky as she never runs off and free runs with her family (although this took awhile and she would often play keep away…so you shouldn’t expect her to do this until you gain her absolute trust).  Her owners hate the thought of finding a new home for her BUT….Katla is terrified of children.  They have a son and Katla has never interacted with him.  Quite the opposite.  Whenever she even sees him she runs upstairs and hides in the bedroom.  Her family has decided that this is just not a good life for such a sweet dog.  So they are looking for a home without any children.  If you love huskies and you want a dog that can free run with you and rarely leave your side (after you gain her trust) then feel free to contact the owners.  They are going to be very selective as to where she goes.  you can call them at 479-9702.



Andrew is just a baby.  He probably isn’t a year old.  He still has those baby paws and that baby look about him.  He is a bit shy so will need a gentle hand.  He is adept at slipping his collar but when he does he just runs around the yard and plays with all the other dogs.  He can be hard to catch for he just hasn’t had the opportunity to trust anyone.  Since he is so young I’m sure that he could become a devoted pet and active companion for the right person.  He is outside at the borough shelter.




Update April 21: Marlo got adopted.  She is a super sweet girl and I hope she has a wonderful new home.

Marlo is a new girl at the shelter.  I don’t have information about her yet and I just briefly met her.  But she struck me as being super sweet and gentle.  She looks like a sprint dog with long legs and a lean body.  Hopefully we will be able to run her soon.



Marlo is super sweet.  I just love this girl.  She was dropped off in the After Hour cages with NO paperwork.  Oh how I wish people would leave at least a little information about a dog they are dropping off.  Age?  Why is she here?  Marlo is laid back with a personality that just wants to be with people.

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