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Clyde (Camo-courtesy post)


Update: Nov. 22. Clyde was brought back to the shelter and adopted again.  No cats this time.

For some reason I thought his name was Camo….so this is an update and his name is Clyde…

This is a courtesy post.  Camo came from the Fairbanks Animal shelter.  He is a gorgeous boy but has cataracts which hamper his vision.  He lives in a household with other dogs and cats and he loves the dogs (a husky mix and a pomeranian) but terrorizes the cats.  So the owner is looking for a new home for him.  He is on prozac but it is possible that he could be weaned off it if given a ton of exercise for his high energy.  He comes with a kennel, blanket, some food and bones.  They hate to give him up, but the cats can’t be around him.  Email me and I can put you in touch with the owner.  He certainly needs a home that understands the husky mentality.




update: Amos has been adopted!  He will be living in a very active home to fulfill his energy needs.

Amos is a 5 year old hound mix that has run the Open North American.  He is super friendly, loves to jump and wants to play and run.  He should be inside as he has that very short houndy coat.  He would probably love to be a skijor dog and I bet would love to run or bike in the summer with you.  He is outside at the shelter.



Houdini is 2 years old.  She is extremely shy as are all her kennel mates that came in together.  She is short and squat and has never been in harness.  She will need a very patient home to bring her out of his shell.  She is outside on house A.



Porter is an 8 year old intact male pointer mix.  He is still crazy active and would love a skijor home where he can live inside but have an activity to run off his energy.  He is super friendly and at the shelter is quite loud, but he just needs a lot of exercise and love to be your best buddy.  He is inside at the shelter.


IMG_6640 Anna


Update:  Anna and her sister Lisa have been adopted.  Happy retirement girls.

I did’t get a good picture of Anna so the shelter sent me a better one.  She is one of the shy group and is 10 years old.  She is very gentle and would love a retirement home where she can learn trust and sleep inside at your feet.  She is inside at the shelter.




Clementine was adopted.

After visiting with Clementine today I looked back at the PetHarbor site and looks like she was adopted.  She is 8 years old and I hope she was adopted into a very gentle home as she is one of the shy group that came in.



Luna is another one from the same kennel of scared sled dogs.  She is 4 years old and has run in team.  She is shy but an extremely hard worker according to the ex owner.  Her grandfather was a 3x Yukon Quest finisher.  She is outside on house F.



Deanna is only 2 years old and has had no harness trainings.  She is the sister to Houdini.   A lot of these dogs are kennel mates and weren’t socialized well.  They are just terrified at the shelter and so far haven’t warmed up much.  They will take a very patient owner to bring them out of their shells.  They aren’t mean dogs, in fact, they are very gentle.  They just need a lot of care and love.  Deanna is outside on house B.




Update: Oct. 5th.  Ella has been adopted into a skijoring home!

I will get a better picture of Ella soon.  She is a 7 year old husky pointer mix and comes from a high end sprint racing kennel.  The original owner states that she was one of her main dogs in a 10 dog team, winning lots of races.  The original owner sold her and she ran in the Fur Rondy in Anchorage.  Why she is at the shelter is anyone’s guess.  She is dominant with other female dogs (but she is also probably not spayed so this might help a lot) although she plays well with the female Abiq at the shelter.  She is a driven dog that is all business in a team.  She would make a wonderful pet and probably a great skijor dog.  She would love to live in the house and be your fun and active companion.

I’m not sure why the original owner doesn’t want her back but sends high praises for her.



Update November: Rachel is so wonderful that she was adopted by her foster family.

Rachel is a 7 year old traditional husky.  She is the mother to Abiq.  She is even shyer than Abiq.  She definitely needs a tender, gentle person that will help her work through her anxiety.  We haven’t run her yet but she might love having a job again and grow in her trust.  She is inside at the shelter and would love to have a home where she gets attention.

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