Veggie Scramble

Don stands on the top deck and tosses veggie scraps down to all the loose dogs! Raining treats from the sky. Several dogs don't like the action of the whole pack being loose so they like to stay in the side yards.

This site is devoted to finding homes for huskies and sled dogs that come through the Fairbanks Animal Shelter in Fairbanks, Alaska. Many of these dogs are well trained sled dogs that would make someone else a great working dog or many of the dogs will make great pets. We are committed to finding the dogs the best possible home where they will be cared for and loved. We will work with matching what YOU want in a dog and what is available from the shelter.

The Fairbanks shelter sees thousands of dogs come through its doors every year. Often people think that if someone else has turned in a sled dog (or any dog for that matter!) it is not a “good” dog. We have found in working with the shelter huskies that this is definitely not the case. Many dogs are turned in from kennels that simply don’t have the time to work with individual dogs. Other kennels simply can’t afford all the dogs that they have created and they bring their excess to the shelter. We are starting to see more and more pointer mixes in the area due to the huge breeding influx of the german and english pointer into the husky bloodlines. These dogs often take several years to mature but we are seeing more 1 and 2 year olds that people don’t want to work with.

We work on a small scale promoting and working with individual dogs. If you see a dog on this web site you are interested in please do not hesitate to email or call.

We are looking for forever homes for all the animals.