Misty came from a severe neglect situation. When I took her she was in the back of an animal control truck with 15 other dogs that were all going to be euthanized. I took Misty and another dog (that has since found a wonderful home!) even though Misty tried to bite me. She was totally unsocialized and was missing fur on the majority of her underside, and was mangey and thin. The owner had been feeding only lard.

Misty in the summer of 2006

It took Misty several months before I could even pet her. I fed her some of her food every day from my hand (for the first 3 days she wouldn’t get near enough to take a kibble out of my hand!) and soon she began to trust me. Once we harness broke her she progressed in leaps and bounds. Seemed like she had found her “calling” and she had a job that she loved. She soon progressed to living in the house. Her coat came back and is luxurious and thick white. She loves to run and pull and runs lead. She has turned into a real snuggle bunny and loves to cuddle.