Fur is flying this time of the year.  I love the way that huskies rarely drop a strand of fur throughout the winter yet bolt their whole coat over the course of the summer.  I love to brush dogs and all of my dogs love to be brushed.  I usually sit outside in my chair and the dogs surround me wanting to be brushed.  I have a little wire brush and also a furminator.  The dogs usually have a preference as to what they like me to use.  The undercoat is often a different color than the dog presents itself.  Beans (in the picture standing with her eyes closed) is a grey dog but sheds all her white undercoat.  I like to see the pile of fur and the different colors and textures.

I should start taking before and after pictures.  Some dogs bolt their coat quickly and others I am brushing piles of fur out all summer.  I really think it is important to keep your dogs well groomed.  It stimulates their skin and helps to alleviate mats and tangles in the longer coated dogs.  And I just think it is FUN to brush.  Definitely helps to keep that strong bond with your dog.  I have rarely come across a dog that doesn’t like to be brushed.  It feels good to them too.