It is wonderful having a traveling vet here in the Fairbanks area.  Minor surgeries, spays and neuters, shots, check-ups etc. can all be done right out of your house!  I think it is great for the dogs.  They are in a familiar spot, their recovery time seems a lot shorter and there isn’t the hub bub of a vet office for the very shy and insecure dog to get upset about.  Of course I love the vets that I do go to, they are all wonderful and caring doctors that are knowledgeable about a lot of my dogs.  But dogs like Jazz (above) who had a little tumor on his eyelid, it was just nice to have that done at home.  He recovers in the house and I don’t have to drive him anywhere!  Here he is laying on my kitchen counter (notice the extension behind him with the cutting board), head propped up to the perfect level, being shaved for the tumor removal.  Everything went smoothly and just a day later he is acting like nothing happened. 

We have had many dogs spayed or neutered on the counter, health certificates given, feet checked out, wounds cleaned and toenails glued back in.  It does tend to make us keep that counter CLEAN!!  Both before and after surgeries. 

We are grateful for our traveling vet.