For some reason the blog is not showing my full write up…you have to click on the heading to read it all…..(ummm except now this is all showing…)

But here it the latest update.  I am cautiously optimistic (and elated) that we may have solved some things.  First…my holistic vet gave me some high powered digestive enzymes and GI support pills.  The one is called Digestin and the other is GI Cell Support.  I gave her 2 in her night meal a couple of nights ago and for the first time in years she didn’t have to go outside in the middle of the night.  Then my traveling vet was up and also looked at all her bloodwork and mentioned EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)…Onyx had been tested for this a year ago (called TPL test) and it was in the “normal” range.  But when I looked at her latest amylase readings and noticed they were below normal And also knowing that her cobalamin is non existance (she is on those shots…) I got to reading about EPI.  This is a constant degenerative disease.  So I think that maybe over the last year as she got worse and worse, that her pancreas has just given out.  My traveling vet thought that was worth looking into.  So I got some Viokase-V which is basically ground up pancreas from pigs.

Yesterday I put the digestive enzymes in her morning and night meals and put the Viokase in her mid day meal.  This morning I am following her around with a flashlight when I let her outside (it is very dark at 6:30 am) and WOW>>>>!!!!  Solid poop.  She had a few drips at the end, but an actual formed turd.  Nice!

So, now I am in a bit of a dilemma.  Can I get by with just the digestive enzymes?  According to all the literature about EPI, you have to put Viokase in every single meal…that most dogs can’t even get a little treat without the pancreas powder along with it.  So, does she really have EPI?  Or just low enough that one dose a day is going to “cure” her along with the other pills?  The Viokase is very expensive (which I would pay for if she needs to be on it for the rest of her life) but can I get away with the other supplements (the one does have ox bile extract in it) and that will do the trick?

I also still have her on only chicken, bone meal and a vitamin each day.  I do need to find a way to increase her calorie count some without compromising her gastrointestinal tract!

So, for the moment I am going to keep up my regime of what is working.  I really want to thank everyone who sent me information on how they dealt with some of these things with their dogs.