She is now up to 40.4 pounds.  Slowly but surely.  We have started her on a raw chicken mix that we can buy in 50 pound blocks up here in Fairbanks.  We are still feeding her 3 times a day and mixing in cooked chicken also.  A Digestin in each meal plus 2 GI cell supports in the morning and night meals and 1 in the afternoon meal.  a touch of bone meal, her thyroid dose 2x a day and a pet tab round out her food.

Don suggested feeding in 3 separate bowls and separating the feeding by several minutes.  She is a voracious eater and the food disappears in seconds.  Often intestinal problems are caused by stress and with as fast as she eats that has to put some stress on her body.  So 3 portions each feeding is what we are doing now.  She still has loose stools at times but they are balanced by some firmer ones.