All through the winter we feed twice a day.  In the morning the dogs get a rich meat “soup”.  It starts out as a 50 pounds block of either a mix of meats or chicken.  This block just happens to be chicken.

We score the meat with a circular saw:

This we keep frozen until we want to use it.  Each night we pull out 2 blocks (10 pounds) and thaw it over night.  In the morning we add boiling water to make a nice meaty warm broth for the dogs.  This keeps them well hydrated all winter.  As the weather gets warmer we cut down to 5 pounds each morning and as summer comes on we switch over to some soaked kibble as it is hard to find frozen meat blocks up here through the summer.  We do like to broth in the morning year round and feed in the afternoon.  In the summer fresh water is available every day.  Some people use large bowls or coffee cans on the sides of dog houses but we like to dump the water every day and make sure they have fresh each day.  Since our dogs are mostly either in the house or in large fenced in yards, we put single large bowls of water in each area.  We have never had a dog turn up its nose at their beverage in the morning.