If it isn’t one thing it is another.  Onyx is still doing quite well although starting to have a bit more watery stool.  She went for bloodwork yesterday after being back on the azathioprine for over a week.  Her ALT has gone down further BUT her neutrophils are now almost non existant.  This is probably the most dangerous side effect of the azathioprine.  So we are taking her completely off it again and will do blood work in another week.  I will be picking up some clavamox today.  WIth no neutrophils there is a danger of severe infections and sepsis settling in.  So we will be very careful in the next week to make sure she isn’t drinking tainted water from the rain, or any sort of things she could possibly get an infection from……sigh.

She remains very active and chipper though so hopefully she is still on the road to a recovery.  She hasn’t gained much weight but that will take time as her body adjusts and she processes more food.

Always something….