Good news.  Her newest blood panel showed all of her values in the normal range!  (except for platelets and those are signs of inflammation).  Her neutrophils are back up to the normal range and her panel looks amazingly “boring” and that says something about this dog!

She is off the antibiotics but before that her stools started to get very soft and a lot more diarrhea.  Probably the antibiotics screwing up whatever good flora she does have in her gut.  So she is on probiotics and her canned dog food. 

One thing I have become very aware of though.  Once her stools start to get soft she is very inclined to get dehydrated which makes things even worse.  A couple of nights ago I put 500 ml of fluids (sub-Q) into her and within 24 hours her stools were looking good again.  So I just have to be very aware that once she starts going in the direction of very soft stools, it is time to add more fluids to her body.

When I had her to the vet for bloodwork her weight was up to 35.2 pounds!  So very slowly she is adding some weight.  I really can’t wait to see her above 40 pounds.