The shelter did some vet record checks and turns out Hot Wine and Star are only 4 years old!!  Their ex owner, I guess admitted to not really knowing how old they were.  He must not have had them very long.  Very sad they ended up at the shelter.

UPDATE August 31.  We ran HotWine in an 8 dog team today.  He is a nice running dog and has several years left of running in him.  It is rather sad when people get rid of their older dogs.  This boy is VERY strong.  He is quite shy at the shelter but away from the shelter came out of his shell and is a nice dog.  BUT….he is very hard to harness.  Seemed very afraid of having his body touched much.  Another sadness….people really need to pet, touch and interact with their dogs.  I know it is difficult when dogs lots are huge but to see a dog that is 10 years old and still so shy and afraid just breaks my heart.

Hot Wine (yep, that is the name on his kennel card) came in with Awol and Star.  A 10 year old male, he is shy but really curious.  Classic Mackey bloodlines.  He is on house N and we will get him out to run soon.