Onyx is still on her no meat diet.  But she just hasn’t gained weight.  At all……so tomorrow we are starting her on another drug.  This one is nasty.  I hate even the thought of putting her on it….but we are grapping at straws for a miraculous turn around.  The drug is Leukeran.  It is a chemotherapy drug.  We can’t touch it with our hands.  Side effects can be pretty bad.  But hoping that this does something to help her gain weight and process her food.  Dogs are so amazing.  She really doesn’t know that she is sick.  Her energy levels are pretty good and luckily she can stay fairly stable at such a low weight and being so terribly thin.  Hoping we see some good changes in the next week.

Chanel is amazing.  She is still on just 5 mg of prednisone a day.  She was drinking a lot of water still so the vet suggested adding salt to her food.  That did the trick.  She still drinks water probably above normal, but nothing like she was.  She likes hanging out in the sun and sleeping on a cushy dog bed.  Her life has slowed considerably but she is one of the joys of my life and I am happy to report she is holding her own and doing pretty good.