Well, the fight continues!  To get Onyx to gain weight and process food.  She has been on Leukaren for nearly 6 weeks now.  2 more days and we will end it.  Just haven’t seen any changes for the length of time on the drug.  She does weigh 35 pounds though.  Up a little bit.  But her hematocrit dropped after 3 weeks on the drug and although it came back up some in the last 2 weeks, it is still below normal.

So, next step is that we are going to reduce the budesonide (a steroid) to every other day.  She has been on a very heavy dose for months now.  If she holds staple for the next 2 weeks we are planning on weaning her off this steroid, letting her system rest for a week and then try prednisone again. 

She isn’t having diarrhea like she used to, but her stools are still soft “cow patties” and not firm at all.  She is still on her vegan dog food (Purina H/A) but we have been adding some chicken every day.  She is holding that well and may have contributed to the little weight gain.