Update March, 2011  Burley is in private shelter foster care.  If you would like to meet him check at the front desk!

Update January 29, 2011  We ran Burley in a 7 dog team on a distance sled.  He is a funny, goofy boy.  He works hard but he has an odd conformation.  His front legs are very bowed.  Didn’t seem to bother him.  He didn’t seem to like being beside another male dog, but just some growling and posturing.  He should be better when neutered.

Update January 4 2011  We ran Burley in a 7 dog team.  He did great.  When he came into the shelter he was pretty rough looking.  Shedding coat and looked much older than he is.  He is around 2 years old.  A tad shy at the shelter but warms up quickly and is very friendly and outgoing.  He is one of these dogs that you ignore in the team because he is doing so well.  A nice all around boy.

I didn’t get a good picture of Burley.  He is a very nice dog but has a pretty bad coat.  Not sure what is going on with his coat!!  He is supposed to be fairly young.  A super nice dog.  We will try and run him soon.