Yikes!  Ran in November.  Fairbanks is getting an unusual (and very rare) rainfall in November.  It has been raining all day and supposed to continue through tomorrow.  Our wonderful snow that we got a few days ago is compacting and will turn to ice once the temps drop again.  Here are Ivy Misty and Blackberry checking out a small snow girl that I made today.  In Fairbanks the snow is so dry that making snow people is impossible.  But with this rain saturating the snow it compacts quite well. 

It is sad for all of us that love winter sports.  Skiing is out right now as is skijoring, sledding or snowshoeing.  Pretty depressing for a winter that already started out late and now the trails are ruined.  And when the temps drop all of this remaining snow will freeze in lumps, spires, points and divets.  Hopefully, being a part of the grooming team with the Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association, we will be able to break up the icy snow and make a decent trail again.