Update September 15th. Elvis was adopted and we are thinking that this home is the one he has been waiting for!
Update June 18th.  Elvis has been back at the shelter for awhile.  He was adopted into a pet home but really needed more exercise than they could give him so he is back at the shelter.  Elvis is such a nice dog.  He learned house manners and would make a great addition to a rec team or be a wonderful pet dog if there is someone that would run with him or take him hiking.

Update January 4, 2011  We ran Elvis in an 8 dog team.  What a goofy sweet boy.  This guy is a hard working dog with a slight “gimp” to his back right leg and hip.  Might be a simple chiropractic problem.  He is a hard worker that loved to go.  Got along with other dogs and just loves people.  He is always smiling and would love to be part of a rec team.

Elvis was busy chewing a bone.  He is on house F.  A sweet boy with a big boxy head that doesn’t seem to fit his body…he has a great personality and would love to be your friend!  We will run him soon.