Update January 10, 2011.  Yeti is in private shelter foster care….you can check at the front desk if you are interested in him.  We will soon get updates about his progress as a sled dog and will post them.

Update January 4th, 2011.  We ran Yeti in a 7 dog team today.  He did great.  He is chunky so could use a little weight loss and conditioning but he never seemed to be tired OR hot.  And it was a warm day of 30 above.  We put him in lead and he did a reasonably good job but also thought it was quite novel to smell the trail in front of him….didn’t mess him up…he just liked the scents but his line was tight and he was working hard the whole time.  He would make a great rec. dog.  He is a ton of power.   He probably weighs 75 pounds but should be 65.  A sweet all around nice dog that loves people and gets along with other dogs.

Yeti is a bigger neutered male.  He is said to have been a part of a recreational 4 dog team.  He is super sweet and an all around nice boy.  We will get him out soon.