Copper has been a foster dog with us for a couple of months.  We have had a heck of a time finding a flight for him with someone flying to Salt Lake or close by.  So it has ended up that he will be flying to Boise with Don soon and finally arrive at his new home in Wyoming.  He will be in a home with 4 other dogs, one being Ruby (once Strawberry) that is from SCL also.  We have had a blast having Copper here.  He is a big galumph, goofy and silly.  He is a friend to everyone.  People and dogs.  Can be a bit of a problem on the trail when skijoring as he just wants to greet everyone with a big kiss and a happy tail.  He is learning the command “on bye” but it will take awhile for him to know running in a team and running free are a little different.

He has been a joy to have here and we will miss him a lot.

In the meantime we just picked up Sassy, a tiny pointer mix that is settling into our household.  She is a sweetheart and we are looking for a pet home for her with some possible side skijoring fun.  Pictures to come soon.