Well, I used to have a couch!  It is just a very large dog bed.  Pixel (in the middle of the couch) is our newest foster dog.  She fit in right away.  She is a yearling that has a ton of personality.  She loves other dogs and is settled in the house (for the most part!).  Jewel is on the left in the picture and Ivy is on the right.  On the floor (cushy dog beds and blankets) to the left is Mardy the Irish Setter (13.5 years old!) and Chiclet.

Pixel is looking for a home where she can have fun skijoring and live in the house.  This little short coated girl hates the cold although she is loving to run skijoring and doesn’t mind as long as it is above 0.  She is still a little “spooky” at times especially at night.  She can be outgoing and friendly one minute and then she goes into her “I don’t know you” mode…..it might be her eye sight because she only does this at night when the light is dim.  So we are going to have her checked out. 

If you are interested in this girl you can send an application via http://www.secondchanceleague.org