This is the most recent picture of Star. She is hard to photograph!
Little Star is 16 years and 3 months old. And she is truly a survivor! I’m humbled by her spunk and will to live and non complaining manner.
She was diagnosed with cancer in January. I had taken her in because of a lump on her nose. Cancer cells. Cancer cells also in her lymph system. Not good. Vet said “maybe 3 weeks”…..well…..She got 3 months of Essiac tea and all lumps and bumps disappeared. Maybe coincidence? Maybe a true cancer fighter?

So, now at Star’s age…she is in renal failure. About 3 months ago she quit eating for 5 days. I thought for sure that it was her time to go. But no…..I started trying different foods and the dog has survived on the most amazing diet ever. She refuses to eat dog food. Or meat, or fish, or most any protein except for cheese. She loves mozzerella. For quite awhile her favorite meal was pasta and pesto sauce. Then turned to toast with lots of soy butter and honey. Next, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It seems every day is a new beginning to see what she will eat.

Yesterday and today her meals have consisted of tiny biscuits (the cheapo kind with NO meat in them) and lots of Yummy Chummies. I just keep feeding her what she will eat until she stops eating them.
(now that it is a little later in the evening I will add what else she ate today: a nice salad, lettuce only, with honey mustard dressing plus a half cup of Organic lowfat vanilla bean yogurt.)

She seems to be holding her weight as she isn’t real active. Her perserverance and will to live is just amazing to me. She seems to be in no pain and still charges out of the house and dashes around the yard. I hope she can continue on for many more months.