Raja is a dog that we adopted directly from the shelter. We thought she was a young girl until her spay when the vet discovered mammary tumors and figured she was at least 10 years old. You would never know it from her energy and enthusiasm. She was a great skijor dog for several years until arthritis forced her into retirement. She would rather be out running and pulling, but with her in pain it is unwise to run her. She will be on pain meds the rest of her life and shots of adequan, but you would never know that anything is wrong with her! She is a total house dog but loves playing with Pixel, Izzi, Lichen and Leo. When she wants to come back inside she puts her feet up on the screen door and pulls it back and slams it. “Ok Raja! We are coming.”
We really don’t know how old she really is….could be anywhere from 11 to 14 years old. She is a joy to have in our lives.