Buddy is a houndy boy that is VERY enthusiastic. He has been adopted and brought back to the shelter several times. He just needs a job. I could see this boy skijoring. He is a nice solidly built boy of about 55 pounds. He is pretty fast too.
He does need some training and and a calm person. He is known to be mouthy if things get out of control. I wish I had a ball today to give to him while we were hooking up. He was unsure of what we were doing. I don’t know if he has ever been in a team.
But he is a natural. Pulled hard the whole time. Beautiful lope. Although we slowed way down he never trotted. He loved the work. I bet he could go for miles and miles.
Back at the shelter he was jumping around and barking like we never took him.

He is a very strong boy that doesn’t understand a “leash” but I bet he could learn and would be your best companion on runs or skijors or even in a sprint team.
Buddy is already neutered.