MAC was adopted! YEAH!

Mac got his life saved today. At least for a little while longer. He has been at the shelter for around 6 weeks. No one was really looking at him. He was “listed” today but now has a reprieve. He was inside and not thought to be a sled dog. BUT…he has no dew claws and is already neutered. We took him today as kind of a last ditch effort to see if he would be adopted as a sled or skijoring dog.
This dog is a gem!! He knew what it was all about. He pretty much self loaded into the truck. We put him next to a female in heat and he ignored her. When we turned around we put him in lead and he did great. We even had a wild little sprint husky running loose all the way back. She would run up to the front and back through the team. Mac ignored her and just did his job up front.
He loves to give kisses. He is a very friendly boy. I bet he would make a great skijor dog. He is houndy and has a very short coat so a home where he could be an indoor pet plus get lots of winter exercise would be his ideal.
He does have some resource guarding issues so he should be fed alone and not around other dogs. But as far has his demeanor at the truck (chained next to Tiger an intact male) and on the line we saw no signs of him not liking other dogs.
Thanks for looking at Mac.