Here is the x ray of Bonsai soon after surgery. They gave him a barium slurry to highlight the constriction. Is this amazing or what??? The large “bulb” is where food would get packed up and then regurgitated. There is just a very small opening where fluid could get through to his stomach. No wonder he was so malnourished and his bloodwork was bad.

We did get good news today though. Looks like he doesn’t have a liver shunt! His liver bile enzyme test came back perfectly normal. Whew! Now we can put him on some higher powered food and get some weight on the boy. We were worried about stressing his liver if he did have a shunt so we were staying with a lower protein food.
The vet figures that all his abnormal bloodwork and liver tests were because of malnutrition.

Over time we are hoping that his esophagus will shrink back to a normal size and he will be able to eat normally.

We are very thankful for the Fairbanks Animal Shelter Fund that continues to care for Bonsai financially. Please think of giving a donation. The Shelter Fund cares for 100’s of animals from our Fairbanks borough shelter. If it wasn’t for the fund, many animals would not be alive today.
Their address is P O Box 71267 Fairbanks, AK 99707