Onyx has had a severely hard couple of months. She was doing well for about a year, then just crashed. Went from 42 pounds down to 33. We put her on a new drug over a week ago. Cyclosporin We have tried many things in the past and think they work well, and then she goes down again. At the moment she is tolerating the drug well (no vomiting!) and her weight is back up to 37.2 pounds. She still has splats but they are less and less looking like liquid. Here’s hoping that this will be the “miracle” drug for her.

In the meantime, Bonsai is thriving. He is up to 28 pounds. Still quite tiny for his age (probably around 7 months old now) but full of energy and no lasting side effects from his surgery. He is still being fed elevated although he seems to be able to get things down (like frozen turds–isn’t THAT lovely!) and not regurgitate them back up. He loves life and playing and is obsessed with his ball.