Every winter one of our chores is to keep the dog houses up out of the snow. This winter we haven’t been as diligent because the dogs are either in the house or the dog barn and when they are outside for their romping time, no one uses a dog house.
But today I decided to clean out houses and get them up on top of the snow. Once I knock the box free I lift or swing it out of the hole. I usually put the old straw in the hole and move the house to a new spot. We only chain some of the dogs when they eat so really the placement of the house is not important because they have free run of the yards.

We have tried to pull out some of the posts but after a dozen years it is difficult! And impossible during the winter time. We got a bunch out of the side yards last summer and will try for the main yard this summer.

It was hot working today at -17! I had to take off my outer coat.