Onyx is our big decision right now…..what is the best for her? She has not gotten any better over the last months. She has been on many different drugs yet continues to loose weight and have severe blow outs. We switch one thing and she will be better for a few days, then her body goes into rejection mode and back to diarrhea. We are giving her IV fluids almost every night.

She is nothing but bones. Very thin. Yet her joy of life seems untamed and although she is very sick, she usually doesn’t act it. So, now, we are just trying different things (Blue Heron, garlic, antibiotics, prednisone) in hopes that something will have her turn a miraculous healing. But I think our decision will have to be made this week. She is starving and she seems to want to live….but her body can’t hold out much longer in the shape she is in. It is wrenching my heart. I love this dog. She is gentle and kind. Never a raised fur…she is never angry or growly. A warning yip keeps other dogs off her couch. She loves carrying around a bone and loves pats on her head. I can’t imagine life without her, but I don’t want to be selfish and have her on earth if she endures nothing but suffering.