Whew. I was going to call my traveling vet on Monday to come and send Onyx over the bridge. So on Friday we decided that we would just try many different things and if it didn’t go well. the call would be made.

So, here is her regime at the moment:
twice a day she gets 5 mg prednisone. 2x a day she gets cephalexin (it was the only antibiotic that I had on hand so I thought ‘what the heck’ she is going to die soon anyhow) 3 times a day she gets Blue Heron. 2 times a day she gets a garlic capsule. And once a day 1/8 teaspoon tylan. A lot of this stuff we had tried before. But only singly.

And amazingly enough, something is working. For the first time in years Onyx is having firm, normal stools. I was so thrilled that I actually brought in the first pile on the shovel to show to Don in the house (I know…yuck).

So am hoping that her body doesn’t start rejecting again. Because we are probably at the end of trying stuff out. I should go back and list the number of different drugs she has been on through the years. Too many to even remember.

Keeping our hopes up.