Jenny and Bonsai patiently waiting to skijor




He is so happy


Almost done. He sure can stretch out. What a speedy puppy! 1.4 miles


What a fun day of skijoring.  1.4 miles is the longest that Bonsai has gone.  I teamed him up with Jenny.  She is one of the fastest dogs we have and I was a bit worried she might be too fast for Bonsai.  No way!  He is a speedy boy that loves to run fast.  He is hard driving and I just coasted behind so as not to scare him with my noisy poles.  He has some learning to do.  One command he will come to understand is “on by” as he goes past distractions.  Today we went past another skijorer, a person walking, a person running the trails, plus Don taking pictures.  He was a bit distracted but Jenny helped him to keep going and after a second or two he was back pulling hard.    (Thanks Don for the pictures above!)
Of course, after a nice little run, he wasn’t tired so we played some ball.