We lost 2 dogs this week.  Chert was nearing 16 years old.  He was the last of a group of siblings and their offspring that I got years ago.  Borax, Topax, Galena (sibs), Daikon and Raisin (kids) all proceeded him across the bridge.  Chert was still eating and drinking great.  But he was deaf and senile (walking himself into corners and not getting out), but he was mostly arthritic and having a harder time getting around, standing up and being able to hold his stool. 

I will miss this gentle guy.  He never growled, was quite mellow for a husky and loved scratches all over.   Run pain free my friend!


 We lost Mardy too.  Don had her for many years before I met him.  She become a part of my family easily.  She will always be remembered walking or running down the trail with a stick (log, ball) in her mouth and diving into water holes with glee. 

At first she didn’t wany any part of the huskies.  She was the diva dog, regal and aloof from the other dogs, but as years passed she obviously loved it here with all her friends.

Her greatest love was going on long walks, water holes and mouth occupying objects.


 Mardy will always have a certain part of my heart.  Nearly 15 years old, she had a lot of spunk and personality until the very end.

Run and swim well, our sweet girl.