Gosh.  this girl has a will to live.  She has been doing quite poorly for a couple of weeks.  Back to bad diarrhea.  Body just rejecting everything new that was working so well for several weeks.  The vet suggested upping her prednisone which I did for 5 days and just made things so much worse.

So, the decision now is to wean her off all meds.  She will finish out her antibiotic and then see if her own body can do any healing.  If not, then I think it is her time to be called to her next adventure.  I have just hated to give up on her.  I love this dog.  She is young (8 or 9) and always sweet and kind.  Rarely a raised fur and she just gets along with everyone. 

She is looking fairly sickly lately.  Her eyes are duller and of course, her body is just a bunch of bones.  But her spirit, running around in the yard, carrying her bone and barking at the excitement of feeding time….well, it is just hard to make a decision to send her over the bridge.  She can’t be happy, always feeling starved and having severe blowouts.  She has campylobactor which is what the antibiotic is for and with the bacteria ravaging her intestines….well, just everything about her severe IBD counts against her feeling of well being….along with her own immune system unable to ward off pathogens and the ability to process food.

I keep hoping for a miracle.  Hoping all the puppies that she knows are praying for her.  Some might be calling her home…but I can’t let go quite yet so will see what happens when she is off all drugs.