UPDATE April 30.  We ran Blue today in a 6 dog team.  This guy is so friendly, gets along with other dogs and just loves attention.  His gait and structure is very poor though.  He is super long and just seemed that his legs don’t fit with his body and his knees are just everywhere.  I probably wouldn’t put this dog in a team but sure wish that someone could adopt this dog for a pet/hiking/running companion.  He is very well socialized and just loves people.

3 dogs came in together but because of incomplete paperwork we couldn’t run them today.  I sure wish if people are taking dogs to the shelter, they would fill out the forms as to why the dogs are there and put a signature so that the dogs are immediately available for adoption.  Otherwise, the dog has to sit there for 3 days until we can do anything to help find the dog a home.

This boy looks very much like the old Frost/Lowry bloodline.  Larger males with good, but not thick coats.  No dew claws.  Incredibly friendly.  We will run him and his kennel mate (house P) soon.  The dogs are all thin and need some TLC, but I loved that they are outgoing and really like people.