Whew….the roller coaster with this girl has been pretty emotional.  I just get to the point where I am ready to let her go, then I think “well, I will try ONE more thing..” and she responds and the roller coaster starts back to the top…

She is eating bison and very lean ground beef.  Plus mashed potatoes.  We’ve almost weaned her off prednisone (even though that is the drug of choice for this disease…she just has never done well on it).  She is getting some probiotcs, blue heron and Essiac tea in some of her meals.  She gets a doggie vitamin spread out between morning and night feeding.  We feed her 3 times a day (am, afternoon and pm).

She is, so far, doing great on this.  Her stools are the most perfect I have ever seen her have!  She is up a pound in 5 days and looking better overall.

Again, I have my hopes up for this girl.