My little Loon will be 14 in August.  For a couple of weeks she had been eating slowly.  At first I thought it was age catching up to her.  But then she quit eating altogether.  It looked like it was painful for her to eat.  She wouldn’t let me look in her mouth so I took her to the vet on Monday.  Initially they couldn’t find anything.  So they decided to sedate her, but they didn’t want to sedate her if her blood values showed renal failure or liver problems.  They ran a blood panel and everything was excellent.  All in the normal ranges.  Fabulous to hear for a nearly 14 year old dog.

So, they sedated her and at first, prodding around in her mouth, just couldn’t see anything.  So they did an x-ray.  Yikes!  A year ago she had a molar pulled and a good teeth cleaning.  Well, 2 root tips were left behind and this is what was causing all the problems.  They were impacted and getting infected.  It made me a little ill to hear what they had to do to drill/saw/chisel these root tips out.  OUCH.  But they got them and she came home that night.  She was pretty out of it for 24 hours and they said she probably wouldn’t eat for 48 hours….but after a day she was feeling better and has been eating great and taking her tylenol with codeine and antibiotic in yummy pill pockets.  She is expected to make a full recovery. 

And with her fabulous blood work I think she will be around for many more years.  YEAH!

The vet didn’t charge me as they stand totally behind their work and this just wasn’t caught when they pulled that tooth last year.

Loon is a special little dog that through her life has been one of the best lead dogs ever.  I’m so glad that she will still be around for awhile.