Bonsai is finding new games for himself.  As Don said today “how can we bottle that?”  meaning his non stop energy.

Last night after a long play session with the ball in the house, I went back to reading.  So Bonsai decides to play basketball with the water bowl and the tennis ball.  He would go over to the bowl and throw the ball up…..most of the time it wouldn’t go in the water….then he would throw it against the side of the cabinet, hoping for a bank shot….still, not very successful….after several tries he just went and dropped the ball directly into the big water bowl (and this is a BIG water bowl)……so that was his fun from there on….a few tries of tossing the ball..then he would just drop it in, retrieve it, run around the house with a dripping ball, go back to the bowl…drop it in, retrieve and repeat.