A busy fall keeps us all on our toes and paws.  Bonsai is the character of the yard.  Non stop in energy and antics.  Please bring on winter and freezing of the ground so that all those HUGE holes that Don has filled in won’t be re-dug.

Onyx continues to live.  She has her ups and downs.  She had started losing a lot of her fur but we added vitamins to her meals and she is doing much better.  That dog has some amazing will to live

Loon is getting more senile.  But that little girl is so cheery and happy.  I took her for a short walk yesterday with Ivy and she was screaming around and the tail was wagging so fast that it was a blur.  She did a couple of face-plants that are hard to watch as she is not as coordinated as she used to be, but her love of life keeps her going.  She is totally deaf so I am glad that she keeps me in sight when we are walking.

Blackberry has become the newest dog to go on longer walks.  I took her with Misty and Ivy a couple of days ago and she is a dog that doesn’t like to let me out of her sight.  Yet she ran with the other 2 girls into the woods and fast down the trail, always coming back to see if I was still with them.

More later.