Update March 2. Ginger had a bit of an adventure in Juneau when she leapt out of her owners car and went missing for 3 days.  But she is back home and slowly trusting her new owner.  There will be a lot of fun times ahead for Ginger with lots of activity and love.

Ginger is our current foster dog who will be with us for only a couple more days.  She has been here for about a week and a half and has come a long way in her timidity and overcoming many mental obstacles including steps!

She is a very non confrontational dog that gets along with everyone and loves pets and belly rubs.  It took her awhile to start to trust us.  We kept her on a long line for quite a few days because she wouldn’t come up to us when outside.  We don’t use the long line now!  She follows us around, readily comes back into the house and is going to enjoy being a house dog/pet at her new home in SE Alaska.

She LOVES being in the house.  Has mastered the stairs and loves balls and kongs.  She is still working on housebreaking because she truly doesn’t like being outside in the cold.  Kind of funny for an Alaska husky who spent her first 2 years outside and chained to a dog house.  She knows comfort now and is thriving on it.

We will really miss her as she has fit into the household with ease.  She will be flying to her new home on Monday Feb. 18th.