Update March 12 George was adopted!

This is George.  He is 4 years old and came from a mushing kennel along with his friends Ginger and Wiley, both who were adopted.  We took George out for a run today.  He is a distance dog good for a rec team as his speed is fairly slow, but with his beautiful trot he could probably go forever.  He is a big boy.  One of the larger dogs that we have run recently.  We had him in a blue/yellow tug and it was too small. He probably weighs around 65 pounds.

George is timid but not fearful.  He is a mellow boy with a great personality.  He will need a slow home where he can settle in and trust his new surroundings.  He takes biscuits very gently out of your hand.

He gets along well with other dogs and would make a great pet where he gets to sleep close to his people, yet goes for daily walks or runs.  This is a dog when people ask me “do you have any huskies that would make great pets?” I would steer them to George.  He would love to get lots of gentle attention to help him blossom.George