Update late March: Rowdy was adopted again.  We hope that this home is a good one for him and he gets lots of running and play time in.

Update March: We ran Rowdy in a team today and he did good.  He doesn’t have his dew claws so probably came from a mushing kennel and given away as a puppy.  He is more shepherd than husky and has a great personality.  Little Sparky was his running mate and totally tormented him the whole time, but he just didn’t care.  He doesn’t like to be cooped up and would love a home where he gets lots of exercise and has a big backyard.

Update February: Rowdy is back at the shelter.  He needs an active family that isn’t going to crate him all day or leave him in the house without a lot of exercise.  We love this boy.  Hope he finds a great home.

Update February: Rowdy has been adopted!!  

Rowdy is a dog that we picked at the last minute.  He was a pet and is already neutered.  Rowdy looks to be a shepherd/husky mix and is still a puppy.  What a great dog.  He is super friendly, loves people and loves other dogs.  I bet there isn’t a mean bone in this dogs body.  We put him in wheel next to Ginger and he loved to go.  Although he had never been in harness before, he took to it like a natural.  Head down and tug tight.  He was quite proud of himself and he had a blast.  He might make a good, slower skijor dog and a great hiking companion.