IvyBBMisty PondA wonderful winter walk with Blackberry, Misty and Ivy.  The boat loop is a 4.5 mile walk past the pond and around the circle to the power line and back home.  It was -17 at our house this morning and -30 in town.  Winter is keeping a hard grip on the interior but the weather forecast looks good with a warming trend to possibly above freezing.  Does that mean spring will have arrived?  A little late in March to see the cold and windy conditions that we have had this week.  But the sunny days and firm trails make my feet do a little happy dance knowing that within the month these trails will be muddy and impassable.  So the 3 of us enjoyed our walk with no one else on the trails.  Just ski tracks, fat tire bike tracks and an array of animal tracks.  Moose, fox, squirrels, shrews and birds.