Update May 15th India is still available and the person really needs to find her a new home.  She is a beautiful dog with a shyer demeanor and as said before has gone through a lot of obedience.  She would do great in an active home.  Do you run or bike?  Take India with you!!

update May 1st. India is still available. A person tried her in a team but maybe asked a little much of her taking her for 4 miles.  She didn’t understand what to do and looked back a lot.  

If you think you could give India a patient a loving home please contact us.


India is a courtesty posting and is not at the Fairbanks shelter.  But she was adopted from there as a puppy.  She was supposed to be a service dog but her husky instincts for running and great need for exercise has not worked out perfectly in her new home.  She is very well trained, going through obedience classes and being at work every day with her owner.  She gets along with other dogs once she meets them and she loves cats.

India would do great in a home where she can be a house dog (she has never been chained up) and get the exercise and stimulation that she needs.  If you think you would like to meet India please email me and I can put you in contact with the owner.

email: info@secondchanceleague.org