Update July 16: Leap got adopted.  Hope they love to run and play!

July 6th.  Leap is still at the shelter.  This boy has a great personality.  He just needs a special home where he can run, jump, skijor and play.  He is still a puppy really and needs a home where he has a job that he loves and people that love him.


Leap ran in a 5 dog team today (May 24) on a very sunny and warm Fairbanks morning.  This dog is FAST.  He is also young, exuberant, crazy, fun,excitable,wild and enthusiastic.  This dog should not go to just a pet home where they expect him to lay around.  He has a ton of energy, can leap FAR above your head when walking him on a leash (I was surprised the first time he did this when I saw his legs at my face…..).  He really needs to be given another name such as “Calm boy” “Lazy Boy” or anything that will reflect what you WANT him to be.  This dog could easily scale an 8 foot fence.  But he is super personable.  He has a sharp bark that could split your eardrum, but oh the potential of this dog.  He is long legged and we didn’t even touch how fast he can really go.  A beautiful gait with lots of drive, this dog is meant to be a skijor dog screaming around the trails.  We ran him in lead and he did well considering his young age and the fact that he has probably never tried this.


Leap is the Pet of the Week this week.  He is a young boy with a great attitude and tons of energy.  Leap can jump over just about anything so would need some training to stick around home.  He has a great personality and would bond strongly with his family. He is a pointer/husky mix without dew claws.  He has a very short coat so couldn’t be left outside at cold temperatures.  He definitely needs a home with a very active family who can run and skijor with him.  A happy boy.Leap