Update June 1st: Nala has been adopted.


Update May 24th.  We ran 4 of the shelter dogs in a team today on a warm and sunny day.

It was an all black team including my leader Jenny!!  They all did great.

Here is Nala with Mariah in back and Leap in front.

She is a driven little girl.  Quite young.  Her teeth don’t have a flake of tartar on them!

We actually started her out in lead and she did a respectable job.  But we really saw her work ethic when we moved up back

and put Leap up front.  She was in single swing and really wanted to be in lead again.  She was driving hard from that

position.  She is an all around sweet girl.  She would make a great rec or skijor dog and a great pet.NalaNala is a sweet dog about a year old.  She came from a village and was brought in with 6 puppies.  She was very emaciated and had given her all to her healthy puppies.  Well, the puppies are all adopted and Nala is slowly gaining some weight.  Everyone loves this girl.  She is high energy and would love an active home.  She is very petite and probably weighs around 30-35 pounds.  She has been at the shelter now for quite awhile and is anxiously awaiting that day she sees the perfect person come in to take her home.