Update June 1st. Talos has been adopted!  


Talos is a great dog.  Young and handsome and very sweet.  He doesn’t have his dew claws.  This is a dog that you can plug into a team and go.  He knows the ropes.  He has a gorgeous lope but we never saw him trot.  He wore the largest harness that I have.  He is a larger boy and would be a great distance dog.  He has a good coat.  He would also make a great pet in a family that is very active.  I don’t recommend him with young children as his size could knock them right down.  Did I say he ran great?  wow.  This dog deserves a good home where he can have a lot of activity and not just be on a chain his whole life.

At the shelter he is a climber.  When he first came in he was in a pen without a top.  He climbed up and over and then climbed into another dogs pen and was happily playing.  He and Leap were a bit growly with each other but neutering and getting a little older will help them both in this regard.