Update August 23: Sparky was adopted.  I think this one will work out.

Update July 19: Well, that was quick.  Sparky was brought back already.  Why do people adopt a husky when they really need a calm lab or a bassett hound?  This little girl NEEDS an active and fun home.  As she is an active and fun pup!

Update July 18:  Sparky got adopted again!  We hope this home will work out and she will get the physical and mental stimulation she so craves!  Good Luck Sparky!

Update July 13th.  Here is a new picture of Sparky.  I LOVE this little dog.  She needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation.  She is a quick learner and would be fun to take through obedience or agility.  She has been in and out of the shelter several times so I am really hoping that a great home will be found for her.  She is now outside on house A.


Update: Sparky has been turned back into the shelter.  She needs a very active home where she can get lots of love plus lots of exercise.  She is outside at the shelter and is on the thin side.  I love this petite little girl.  I bet both her and Leap would make great agility dogs.  They are very agile and flexible and can jump over high obstacles.  Maybe the 2 of them would make a great FAST skijor team and wonderful companions.

Update: Sparky was adopted!

Sparky is a TINY pointer mix that was never a sled dog.  So this was her first time out in a team and although confusing at first, this petite girl loved to go and was hard on the line the whole time.  She is in heat so that probably made her a bit crazier as she constantly wanted to play with Rowdy her running mate.

Sparky is less than a year old.  To harness her and get her started in the team was quite the challenge as she was spinning around, leaping up and down, laying on her back and screaming in joy.  This is a girl that can leap straight up 6 feet and cold easily jump over a fence.  She will need a patient home and might make a great skijor dog if she has enough positive training.  She might make a super agility dog too.  Did I say she was petite?  Probably doesn’t weigh 30 pounds.

She is VERY active.  A busy busy girl.  I know she would make a great and bonded pet if she is given a lot of exercise and stimulation.  She loves her frozen stuffed kongs at the shelter.  She needs a family that loves the outdoors and loves to hike run or bike.  She does not have her dew claws which leads me to believe she came from a kennel but may have been given away as a pet because she was way too small.Sparky