We have had a couple of foster dogs for 2 days and it has been a lot of fun.  These dogs had been out in Goldstream for nearly a month (thank you Pam!) being fostered but we finally have a flight for them to their new home.  These dogs came from the flood waters of Galena and will be going to a new home there tomorrow.  We tried to brush them out today as they are shedding heavily and they really loved the body stimulation and being petted and brushed all over.  We didn’t get out all the old fur, but got a good start.

They are both quite young and very energetic.  They have probably always been on chains so we put a long line on them and let them loose in our large fenced area.  We soon took the long line off Cruger for he would come when we called him.  Tiny is a bit more reserved but once you approached her she loves the scratches.  They ran and ran and ran.  Still puppies they played hard chasing each other, jumping over holes, branches and careening around corners.  It was a joy to see them run loose.

Cruger would make a great pet.  He loves people and wants to be with you.  They are both going to be sled dogs and that will be a good outlet for their high energy.

We will miss them even though we have had them for only a very short time.  They are super cool dogs.
Cruger Tiny TinyCruger