Update January 9th: Happy Day.  Azimuth got adopted.

Update January 7th:  We ran Azimuth in a 5 dog team today.  Wow.  She is a driven little dog with a gorgeous gait both loping and trotting.  She is super friendly and loves people.  We put her in lead with my dog Jenny and she was great.  We saw no aggression or dominance issues at all.  Barely looked at Jenny.  Azimuth was all business.  I bet she would turn into a super little leader given more experience.  She self loaded into the truck and knows the ropes.  She would probably skijor too and if introduced into your home with other dogs in a positive manner I bet she would fit right in.


Azimuth came in with Gunther but he was adopted and she was left wondering why him and not her!  She is around 3 years old and a real firecracker.  She pulls hard and runs like the wind but she doesn’t like other female dogs so after being tried at 2 different kennels she has ended up at the Fairbanks shelter.  Spaying might take some wind out of her sails and the appropriate home where she feels more confident around other female and not always having to defend herself.  She is super friendly and loves people.

We are going to run her this week so will post with the results.  We will see how she is around other dogs, especially females and hope to get her over this little personality trait.  But check out this sweet and loving girl on House A.