Trivet (bottom) lives in the Northeast of the country.  He wasn’t born there.  He was born in the wilds of Alaska.  He is one of the luckiest dogs ever.  Trivet was a trapline dog.  Pulling his owner over miles of ungroomed trails, through forests, over frozen rivers, always on the search for furs in the backcountry.  But his owner fell on hard times and Trivet ended up at our borough animal shelter.  The Second Chance League (sorry our pet finder link is broken at the moment and being worked on..) stepped in with help of foster Miriam and soon Trivet was on a plane heading east.  Bless Molly E. for taking a chance on him.  She had never met him in person but after many emails and calls back and forth we figured it was a great match so off he went.  And what a match.  Molly has worked with Trivet through the years and he is not only a Canine Good Citizen but a constant companion to her and his favorite friend Grace.

He learned quickly the joy of living inside, having lots of love and attention and mastering the soft begging look for his favorite brie.

Through the 7 years that Molly and Trivet have been together she has sent periodic updates.  Here are a few quotes:

“Trivet is a special guy.  His fur is so beautiful: thick, glossy and soft.  He has lots of admirers and a special girlfriend (a poodle mix!) in addition to his 2 Siberian sisters.  He’s a perfect joy in harness and a wonderful, affectionate pet as well.  Right now, he’s lounging in his fleece cuddle-bed keeping an eye on the cookie cupboard.” February 21, 2008

“Trivet enjoys the company of girls with big-hair and big-attitudes.   Every day is Valentine’s day.” this was with the picture above, February 10, 2014

“Amazingly, Trivet and I have a 7-year anniversary coming up on February 21.  He’s staring at me right now.  If I say his name, his tail wags a couple times — I never get tired of that.” February 11, 2014.

I always smile when I think of Trivet and Molly.  A match made in heaven.  And certainly heaven for a dog that came from a trapline to a home in the complete opposite side of the country.

Here is a picture taken by Tom K. several years ago of a very focused Trivet and his friend Wolfie ready for a run in New England.