Jake Jake


Update April 7th: Jake got to go and have fun at Mush for Kids on Saturday.  From what I heard he was a perfect gentleman around other dogs and loved all the attention from the kids.  He would love a home where he gets to skijor and play outside yet curl up at your feet at night.  Jake has been at the shelter for quite a few weeks.  Maybe this will be his week to find his home!

Jake is a pointer husky mix with LOTS of energy.  He loves loves loves people.  He runs great in a team but tends to mess with the dog beside him so might need some work getting him to be a little nicer.  He was chained close to 2 other male dogs at the shelter and didn’t care that they were there….It is probably the excitement of being in a team.  I bet he would be a great skijor dog with his high energy and love of people.  We will take him out soon.

Update March 24:  We skijored with Jake today as a single skijor dog.  He did great.  He seems to get along with all the other dogs around.  He has been playing with other males loose at the shelter and does great.  He is very calm to hook up and just loved to go.