Update: Neko got adopted!

Update: March 21st.

Here is what a volunteer at the shelter says about Neko:

“I have worked with Neko three times at the shelter, and I really hope someone pulls her.  If I only had more space, she’d be here in a heartbeat.  I’m very partial to her.

She is confident, affectionate, a natural leader, smart as a whip, friendly with dogs and people.  Athletic, toy motivated but not guardy (she does need work on learning where the toy ends and person begins).  She is a nightmare on the leash, although we have been working on it.  But it would NOT be hard to teach her to pull! =) She is quite eager to please.
She is back at the shelter, and I can’t imagine why, except that she isn’t a couch potato housepet.  I think she just needs someone who knows what to do with her — I think she’ll do anything.  Skijoring, of course, but I think she’d do obedience, tracking, agility, even Schutzhund…  Very clever gal.”

Neko is a SUPER sweet girl who has a lot of energy and would love to be your running buddy and skijor pal.  I don’t know if she has ever been in harness but we will take her out soon.  She is already spayed!

Update March 24

We took Neko out skijoring today.  I didn’t think she had been in harness before and she is quite wild to get the harness on!!  But she did great.  Just took of crazily.  Then got a little tired and wanted to roll in the snow.  She is a bit overweight so needs some conditioning.  She needs a special home where she can get a LOT of exercise and work with her unbounding energy.